Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Army Party Printables

I recently had a friend mention that her son was trying to decide between a Halloween or Army Birthday Party, so being the Army Brat that I am (having been raised in the Army) I just had to create a few things! Here are a few options for invitations and some printables that go with the Army Party Printables Collection. These can be sent to you as a pdf so that you can print them yourself, or they can be printed and sent to you as a "party in a box".

Here are a few pictures from one of Paper Perfection's clients that used the printables for her son's Paintball Birthday Party. She did an AMAZING job trimming and assembling all of the items for the party...they turned out so professional! I love all of the food she made including the cake, cookies, cupcakes and cakepops that she made to enhance the camouflage theme. She owns her own bakery...check it out on facebook: I wish she lived closer to me so that she could make sweet treats for my parties! You can click on the picture below and then click the magnifying glass on each image to get a more close up view of the pictures.

The Army Party Printable Collection comes with:
Invitation of your choice
Camouflage Star Cupcake Toppers / Gift Tags / Stickers
2.5 Inch Cupcake Toppers / Gift Tags / Stickers
Camouflage Cupcake Wrappers
Happy Birthday Banner
3x4 Inch Bag Topper
4x3 Inch Bag Topper
Water Bottle Wrapper

Additional Items for purchase:
Certificate of Completion of Army Ranger Camp
Thank You Card

If you are planning on having an army party for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at for pricing and details or custom party printables for your next event!

Here are a few ideas for games and decorations that you could use for your party:

1. Purchase 2 yards of camo material and cut one yard into strips for arm bands. Use the other for a table centerpiece and top with a Humvee or any military toys your child may own.

2. Prior to the party visit your local Army Recruiting office. They often will give out dog tags, pencils, pens, Army #1 pins, mouse pads, belt clips, etc.!

3. Go to an army surplus store and/or hunting store and purchase camouflage nets to decorate your yard and/or house. You can also set up tents around the yard if you have any that are military colors.

4. Set up the "in processing station" just inside your entrance to the party. Upon arrival, you can "issue" each soldier their gear. Some examples are: vest w/canteen; helmet; dog tags (print their names "Private XXX" on the back of the army tags); army sticker; camo face paint; weapon of choice (put toy guns in a wagon labeled ammo dump); BDU hats.

5. Start your party with a "conditioning" march. All soldiers must be in great shape. You can march them around your neighborhood singing jody calls (found on the internet.) Make sure you video tape this as it can be a lot of fun!

6. You can have an "enemy take-down lesson." Try contacting your local police K-9 unit to see if they will come to the party to demonstrate a drug find, and an enemy take-down. This is a great way to teach kids about the dangers of drugs.

7. Next you can play "Bombs Away". Divide your group into two teams, and give each team 50-100 water balloons (black bombs) to throw. If you were hit, you were out. The winning team received a prize.

8. Then you can play wounded soldier and give each team a roll of toilet paper and have them pick a team member to "doctor". Have prizes for the winning teams.

9. Next have them go through an obstacle course. You can start with a jump over the "barbed wire" (high string on posts); then the low crawl under wire (use tent stakes and string/rope for them to belly crawl underneath, while being shot at with water guns)(survival); then to the target practice (BB gun w/one shot at the target/have an adult supervise this one-on-one)(ability to hit the enemy); then climb a ladder up a tree to blow the air horn (strength); down the tree and across a ladder (positioned on two saw horses)(stability); jump onto an inner tube, run through tires (you can borrow used tires from your local tire store), etc. While each boy is awaiting his turn, have them do calisthenics led by one of the adult recruits!

10. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Set up a table with paper, crayons, markers, etc. and have each guest write a letter or draw a picture that you can send to troops overseas.

11. If you are having a sleep can play "flashlight" tag. Give each guest a flashlight with either a red or blue lens. Then divide into two teams and tag each other with the lights until all were out.

12. Work with the kids to set up an "ambush". Have the kids set out a plan to "ambush" one of the adults. Make sure the adult is aware of the ambush so they can do their best to avoid it.

13. Favors: BDU hat, "good conduct medal", pin from the Army recruiters, an authentic looking certificate for completion of Army Ranger Camp, bag of goodies with pens, pencils, stickers, candy, etc.), dog tags, whistle and glow sticks.

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