Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Grinch Filled Trip at the Gaylord Texan

While I was posting the printables that I made for the Texas State Fair, it reminded me of things that I made for a family trip last December and I thought I would share them with you.

For Christmas 2009 my family and my husband's side of the family all went to the Gaylord Texan. They had a Grinch theme that year and you could "Have Breakfast with the Grinch", wonder through a sculpted ice exhibit with lots of rooms completely filled with scenes from the Grinch, build ginger bread houses, have cookies and milk with Mrs. Claus and just enjoy their wonderful Christmas decorations, carolers and food. Since the hotel was all about the Grinch, I decided to make my very own "Grinch Grand Welcome". Hopefully this will give you some ideas for things to make for your next family trip so that you can decorate your hotel room (or tent) to make the trip extra special.

Here is a Welcome Note that I posted on the different hotel room doors. I had different quotes from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" on each door as we had three rooms! The nicest things about posting something on the doors (even if it doesn't have names) is that it helps you to find your room quickly and all the other rooms if you are traveling in a group. Even though we were supposed to have adjoining rooms...we ended up all the way on the other end of the floor and it was nice not having to remember everyone's room number.

Here is what the "Welcome Signs" said:

"Welcome to the Gaylord Texan!"

"The Grinch wants to wish you a Merry Christmas
and remind you that Christmas doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!
So enjoy the time you have while you are here...
how great to spend it with family so dear!"

"The Grinch wants to wish you a Merry Christmas...
so bring your cheer.
Cheer to your family so near and dear.
Christmas Day is in your
grasp so long as you have hands to clasp.
Enjoy your’s time to start
so be hand in hand and heart to heart!"

"The Grinch hopes your heart grows
three sizes while you are here!"

I also made a Grinch door hanger. Someone in our hotel liked it so much they stole the one I made from my in-laws door.

Next came the footprints! I made a stencil and used baking soda (as it wouldn't harm the carpet) to leave "snow" tracks all over the room where the Grinch walked as he left gifts.

Then came the "welcome banner". This looked much better when I first hung it in the room but I forgot to take a picture and my 3 year old went barreling out onto the balcony and nearly tore it apart. I haphazardly threw it back up to get a picture. I wish this was a better really was cute when it was originally hung!

Of course the most exciting thing were the gifts that the Grinch left for everyone! In the boxes, I had pajamas, slippers, the Grinch DVD, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" book, and Grinch T-shirts. In the green bags, I had the kids favorite candy treats, Christmas things from the Dollar Stores like crossword puzzles, coloring books, crayons, etc. and autograph books (pictured below). I also found a fun Christmas blanket in Grinchy Green that I left with the gifts. If you decide to do something fun like this for your next a super soft blanket, take it to your local t-shirt shop and have them embroider your family/child's name and the date of your trip.

I think tags really make a gift extra special!

These tags said:

I slipped in to leave
you a welcome surprise
a “Glad You’re Here!”
kind of prize.
So settle in
(and enjoy the goodies too!)
then come downstairs...
there is more to do!
The Grinch"

Here is one of the autograph books that I made for our trip. If you know there are going to be characters on your trip like the can make autograph books so that your kids can get their signatures. Then you can add the autograph pages to your scrapbook. If you aren't computer savvy, you can always use scrapbook paper (preferably card stock weight) or even white card stock and trim it down to 4x6 inches and put it in a small picture album that you can get at Wal-Mart for $1.00.

Now normally you would have mints or chocolates on the pillows but the Grinch decided to leave a Grinchy candy cane on each pillow:

The Grinch also left gift baskets in all of the rooms with wine, water, soda, candy, gold fish, nuts, granola bars, popcorn, hot chocolate packets, etc. and a small Christmas tree:

This is what the tag said:

"For the Robison family, both young and old,
So you can feast, feast, feast!
There are snacks and a few drinks
But no rare Who roast beast.
Open it while you are at the Gaylord
I hope you enjoy it a lot,
Don’t save it for home…
Oh no, do not!!!
While you’re enjoying the fun remember...
Christmas doesn’t come from a store
Because Christmas means
Oh, so much more!!!
It’s not about all of the decorations
Or gift wrapping and presents.
It’s about the birth of Jesus
Oh, how special and pleasant.

Merry Christmas,
The Grinch"

I also made sucker and mint wrappers for each event that we went to so the kids would get to play "Santa" and see the smiles on workers faces as they gave them Christmas treats. Here is a picture of just a few that I made:

I also made invitations for all of the events that we planned to go to like Gingerbread House decorating, the Ice Sculpture Exhibit, Cookies and Milk with Ms. Claus, and Breakfast with the Grinch. These are great to "slide" under the hotel room doors late at night so that your family will find them first thing in the morning to let them know what fun things you have planned that day. They are also fun to add to scrapbook pages! I made similar ones for a Disney trip that we went on and my dad was so impressed with the "concierge" who left nightly invitations. He couldn't figure out how the concierge knew exactly what we were doing each day.

Finally, if you know know that I love to make travel games to keep kids occupied and happy as possible in the car (or plane) on long trips. We traveled a lot across country growing up as my dad was in the army and if we wanted to see grandparents, that meant getting in the car and staying there for at least two days. I can remember reading tons of Nancy Drew Books, playing "I spy" and the "alphabet game" with road signs and license plates, and singing every song imaginable. My parents always tried to make the trip as fun as possible. So now I try to do the same for my family. Here are a few of the Christmas travel games that I made to surprise my nieces and nephew to keep them occupied on our 3 hour road trip to Dallas.

If you have a fun family trip planned and need a few car games or hotel printables contact Paper Perfection at

I can't use the Grinch or other trademarked images in printables that I design for others for a profit, but I can design printables to match a "Grinch" theme or any theme that you may have for a fun family trip.

Texas State Fair

When I travel with my family, I love to make fun printables and travel games to make the trip or day a little more special.

One of my good friends recently took her son and nephew to the Texas State Fair and she wanted a few printables with Big Tex on them for the boys to enjoy. Big Tex is the 52 foot tall icon of the annual State Fair of Texas held at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. He wears size 70 boots, a 75 gallon hat, a size 100 180/181 shirt and 284W/185L XXXXXL pair of Dickies jeans. The pants alone require 72 yards of denim and weigh in at 65 pounds. Proof that everything is bigger in the state of Texas! Here is a picture of Big Tex:

I made a few options for in all red as she wanted a red image to put on transfer paper to iron on a brown t-shirt, and another in color. Here are the printables that I made to to make their day at the Texas State Fair a little more special:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Army Party Printables

I recently had a friend mention that her son was trying to decide between a Halloween or Army Birthday Party, so being the Army Brat that I am (having been raised in the Army) I just had to create a few things! Here are a few options for invitations and some printables that go with the Army Party Printables Collection. These can be sent to you as a pdf so that you can print them yourself, or they can be printed and sent to you as a "party in a box".

Here are a few pictures from one of Paper Perfection's clients that used the printables for her son's Paintball Birthday Party. She did an AMAZING job trimming and assembling all of the items for the party...they turned out so professional! I love all of the food she made including the cake, cookies, cupcakes and cakepops that she made to enhance the camouflage theme. She owns her own bakery...check it out on facebook: I wish she lived closer to me so that she could make sweet treats for my parties! You can click on the picture below and then click the magnifying glass on each image to get a more close up view of the pictures.

The Army Party Printable Collection comes with:
Invitation of your choice
Camouflage Star Cupcake Toppers / Gift Tags / Stickers
2.5 Inch Cupcake Toppers / Gift Tags / Stickers
Camouflage Cupcake Wrappers
Happy Birthday Banner
3x4 Inch Bag Topper
4x3 Inch Bag Topper
Water Bottle Wrapper

Additional Items for purchase:
Certificate of Completion of Army Ranger Camp
Thank You Card

If you are planning on having an army party for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at for pricing and details or custom party printables for your next event!

Here are a few ideas for games and decorations that you could use for your party:

1. Purchase 2 yards of camo material and cut one yard into strips for arm bands. Use the other for a table centerpiece and top with a Humvee or any military toys your child may own.

2. Prior to the party visit your local Army Recruiting office. They often will give out dog tags, pencils, pens, Army #1 pins, mouse pads, belt clips, etc.!

3. Go to an army surplus store and/or hunting store and purchase camouflage nets to decorate your yard and/or house. You can also set up tents around the yard if you have any that are military colors.

4. Set up the "in processing station" just inside your entrance to the party. Upon arrival, you can "issue" each soldier their gear. Some examples are: vest w/canteen; helmet; dog tags (print their names "Private XXX" on the back of the army tags); army sticker; camo face paint; weapon of choice (put toy guns in a wagon labeled ammo dump); BDU hats.

5. Start your party with a "conditioning" march. All soldiers must be in great shape. You can march them around your neighborhood singing jody calls (found on the internet.) Make sure you video tape this as it can be a lot of fun!

6. You can have an "enemy take-down lesson." Try contacting your local police K-9 unit to see if they will come to the party to demonstrate a drug find, and an enemy take-down. This is a great way to teach kids about the dangers of drugs.

7. Next you can play "Bombs Away". Divide your group into two teams, and give each team 50-100 water balloons (black bombs) to throw. If you were hit, you were out. The winning team received a prize.

8. Then you can play wounded soldier and give each team a roll of toilet paper and have them pick a team member to "doctor". Have prizes for the winning teams.

9. Next have them go through an obstacle course. You can start with a jump over the "barbed wire" (high string on posts); then the low crawl under wire (use tent stakes and string/rope for them to belly crawl underneath, while being shot at with water guns)(survival); then to the target practice (BB gun w/one shot at the target/have an adult supervise this one-on-one)(ability to hit the enemy); then climb a ladder up a tree to blow the air horn (strength); down the tree and across a ladder (positioned on two saw horses)(stability); jump onto an inner tube, run through tires (you can borrow used tires from your local tire store), etc. While each boy is awaiting his turn, have them do calisthenics led by one of the adult recruits!

10. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Set up a table with paper, crayons, markers, etc. and have each guest write a letter or draw a picture that you can send to troops overseas.

11. If you are having a sleep can play "flashlight" tag. Give each guest a flashlight with either a red or blue lens. Then divide into two teams and tag each other with the lights until all were out.

12. Work with the kids to set up an "ambush". Have the kids set out a plan to "ambush" one of the adults. Make sure the adult is aware of the ambush so they can do their best to avoid it.

13. Favors: BDU hat, "good conduct medal", pin from the Army recruiters, an authentic looking certificate for completion of Army Ranger Camp, bag of goodies with pens, pencils, stickers, candy, etc.), dog tags, whistle and glow sticks.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Western / Cowboy Party Printables

Western parties are lots of fun to throw, so I made printables that can be used for a child's birthday party, if you wanted to invite some friends over for a Bar-B-Que or you can dress them up for a wedding rehearsal. This would also be a fun theme if you are a part of a supper club. These can be sent to you as a pdf so that you can print them yourself, or they can be printed and sent to you as a "party in a box".

Here are some images of a few of the printables that I made for a western themed party:

Here are a few pictures that I found online to give you some ideas for your party. I love the first image of a "loot bag" that is reminiscent of a old western bank robber. You can use a regular brown lunch paper bag, stencil a dollar sign to the front, then tie it with a rope and add a sheriff’s badge.

I also included some pictures for how you can really dress this theme up for a rehearsal dinner or adult party by adding sunflowers (or your flower of choice), hay bales, silver washtubs for drinks and lots of lanterns. Another decorating idea is to use burlap, which is a fairly inexpensive fabric and looks great draped over tables. In the last picture on the bottom right, I love how they used bandannas to create a banner to string across the party area.

I saved these pictures long before I decided to start a blog. If these are your a comment with a link so that I can give you credit for the images and link back to your website.

If you would like to throw a western themed party and need some party printables contact Paper Perfection at for pricing and details.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Toy Party Paper Printables Collection

I thought it would be fun to create a "Vintage Toy Paper Printables Collection" for either a boy baby shower or a little boy birthday party with the main colors being red and blue and toys from my childhood like red wagons, balls, blocks and tops. These will be sent to you in pdf files so that you can print them yourself at home or at a print shop. Here are a few of the printables that I designed.

This collection includes:
3X4" or 4x3" bag toppers
cupcake toppers / gift tags
cupcake wrappers
food labels
candy bar wrapper
water bottle wrapper

I love when clients send me pictures of how they use Paper Perfections party printables.  Here are some pictures that a client who owns a Sweet Shop called "Sweet Details" sent me.

If you are interested in this party printable collection or if you have a theme in mind and would like me to custom design a collection for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at for pricing and details.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding Maps, Party Maps and More!

I have had fun recently making all types of maps for wedding invitations, party invitations, businesses and residential. Here are a few examples...

Wedding Map

Birthday Party Map

Residential Map

Business Map

If you need a map for any occasion, contact Paper Perfection at

Friday, September 17, 2010

Damask Wedding Reception Printables

Here are a few coordinating printables for a wedding reception or event to match the "Damask Invitation" in the previous post. There is a menu, table number, place card, and a reserved sign that is fun to hang off the back of chairs for special guests. If you aren't going to have place cards at your wedding, you will definitely want to have some type of reserved seat signs to ensure that you, your wedding party and family are guaranteed seats together after all of the pictures have been taken. I thought it would be fun to add a little color to these items to give you an idea of how to incorporate color into the event.

Click here to see the coordinating invitation with RSVP, Reception and Accommodation cards. If you would like a damask invitation or party printables for your next event contact

Damask Wedding Invitation

I love damask and just had to create a damask wedding invitation with a few crystals as "bling" is so popular right now for weddings. Here are some pictures that I took of my latest wedding invitation, but these could be used for all types of parties and events.

These are the inserts for the invitation. The Reception, RSVP and Accommodation cards are all lined up so that they fit nicely into a pocketfold invitation, which is very popular for wedding invitations.

Here are all of the cards separately so you can get an idea of what each looks like.

Click here to see a few coordinating printables that match the damask invitation. If you would like a damask invitation or a custom invitation to match the theme of your next event, contact Paper Perfection at

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Door Hanger

For guests that are traveling from out of town and are staying at a hotel, it is fun to make a personalized "Door Hanger". Here is an example of a door hanger for a wedding. On one side it says, "Welcome to (insert your city)! We are so glad you could make it! On the other side it says "PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB We are recovering from (insert your names) wedding." You could put any wording on the door hangers like "We are happy you are here".

If you would like a door hanger personalized for your wedding, contact Paper Perfection at

Water - Wine Bottle Tag

"Water - Wine Bottle Tags" are great to use if you don't want to make an actual wrapper or label. They are also perfect for destination weddings. You can make the tag in advance and take it with you. Then when you get to the location you can buy a bunch of water bottles and/or wine and easily place them on each bottle. If your destination location is within the continental United States, you can purchase a case of water online with Costco and they will ship it to your wedding location. Check with the hotel concierge for an address and how to label the box so that it gets to you when you arrive.

I made these for Kimberly's "Welcome Baskets". Her wedding theme was Cinderella, but since her fiance's family is all from Germany and many were coming to Texas for the first time, she decided to go with a "Welcome to Texas" theme for the hotel welcome baskets. I made this monogram using the Texas flag colors and then used it on the water bottle tag. I also made a gift tag with the Texas flag on it for the gift baskets to help with the theme.

If you would like to have a monogram or bottle tag designed for your wedding, contact Paper Perfection at

Amy's Vow Renewal Monograms

Amy was one of the first brides that Paper Perfection had the honor of working with for her Disney Vow Renewal.

We started the design process by picking two shades of pink to come up with her signature colors. Here were a few of the color combinations that we worked on and she fell in love with the middle two colors.

Once we had the perfect shades of pink, we moved on to designing a monogram that she could use on her invitation and a logo that would work well on a water bottle label which she knew that she just had to have for her welcome bags. She sent me the image of the carriage and together we were able to come up several wonderful monograms and printables to make her renewal extra special.

Next I used her monogram and logo to design a few printables that she could use in her welcome bags for her vow renewal.

Water Bottle Wrapper

Candy Bar Wrapper

Wine Bottle Tag...this folds just under the top circle then in hangs over the mouth of a wine bottle or water bottle. These are the types of tags that most hotels use on water bottles to let you know they are $2.00.

I had so much fun working with Amy on these designs and I can't wait to see how she incorporates them into her wedding!

Erin's Wedding Logo

I’ve been working with Erin, another one of my Disney brides, to design a logo that she could use throughout her printables. She is a lot of fun and it really shows in her style and colors. She wanted a signature image for her wedding and instead of going the Cinderella route like other Disney brides, she chose the dandelion as the image to use throughout her wedding.

The dandelion is a really unique and wonderful image if you think about it. As children, we all would pick dandelions and make wishes as we blew dandelion fluff into the air. Dandelion means happiness and faithfulness and when you think of them it evokes childhood whimsy, wishes and wonder. The flower symbolism associated with the dandelion is love me, affection returned, desire, sympathy, faithfulness, happiness and love's oracle. So the dandelion is the perfect symbol for starting a new life with the one that you love!

Before Erin contacted me, she already had invitations with a dandelion on them and I helped her to create a few images that she could use to keep unity throughout her wedding event to match the invitations and her signature colors of pink and orange. Erin is the type of bride that I love because she is super crafty and is able to take the images I designed and use them on so many things. Here is one of the images I created for her and a few of the pictures she took as she used a cricut and her new sticker machine to turn the dandelion image into stickers for her welcome folders. There is also a picture of her logo on the newsletter that she sent out to friends and family. I can't wait to see what she makes next!

If Paper Perfection can help you by designing a monogram, logo or any type of printable for your wedding or event, contact me at

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kimberly's Wedding Printables

Recently I had the joy of working with Debbie and Kimberly for Kimberly and Philipp's fairy tale wedding. Together Debbie and Kimberly created an amazing wedding using ideas that Kimberly and her dad dreamed up. It was the most beautiful event that her hometown has seen, complete with a castle and Cinderella's royal carriage. I had so much fun working with them to design a program for the ceremony, a menu and signs for the reception and a few items for their welcome baskets. Here are a few pictures from the royal event.

Food Signs

If you have a wedding in your families future or a large event and need help with printables, Paper Perfection would love to help you with all the little details to make your event extra special! To contact Paper Perfection, send an email to

Twin Reflections - Graduation Invitations

My twin and I love photography and she started a business last year called "Twin Reflections". Together we took graduation pictures for several high school seniors and even had the opportunity to photograph two weddings.

Kendra was one of the seniors that we had the joy of photographing. She was not only beautiful but a lot of fun to work with, and she let us take her to lots of locations all over town and in the country. She loved her pictures so much that she decided she wanted to use them to send out personalized graduation invitations to friends and family.

Here are a few of the invitations that Paper Perfection designed for her:

Here is the final design that Kendra loved!

If you have a child graduating and need help with party printables or invitations, contact Paper Perfection at