Thursday, December 30, 2010

Marily's Save the Date

Marily was lots of fun to work with in designing her Save the Date for her wedding day at Walt Disney World. She knew that she wanted royal purple, silver and pink (which are her signature wedding colors), lots of hidden mickeys and a calendar. She recently had this printed and loved how it turned out. (I changed the last names for privacy purposes).

If you need a save the date designed for your wedding or event, contact Paper Perfection at

Canning Food Labels

Here are a few food labels that Paper Perfection made for Scrumdilyumptious, a client that has a canning and catering business. The round label was made to go on top of each jar and the square label was made to hang as a tag off the side of each jar as the jars she is using do not have a flat surface for a sticker label. Our client choose the colors and wanted a curly font and this is what Paper Perfection designed for her business.

Click here to see more examples of food labels for candy and ice cream buffets.

If you have your own business and need a label or company logo designed, contact Paper Perfection at

Save the Dates

Here are a few more "Save the Dates" that I designed as samples for one of my Disney brides. (I will post her final Save the Date in a day or two.) I had a lot of fun designing the background paper and envelope wrapper.

If you need a "Save the Date" for your wedding or event, contact Paper Perfection at

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sarah's Save the Date

I couldn't wait to post Sarah's "Save the Date" for her destination wedding at Walt Disney World that she and I designed together. Sarah is a super crafty DIY bride and has made so many wonderful things for her wedding to make it extra special for her guests. She is not only sending out this Save the Date, but she is also sending out luggage tags and a newsletter she created with lots of great information for planning and booking a Disney vacation. (I changed the last names on this Save the Date for privacy purposes.)

Sarah is printing this through Zazzle like a postcard, which saved money over printing it like an invitation and it allowed for double sided printing at no additional charge. We included the photographer's logo on the back of the “Save the Date” per her request. If you live in Houston and are looking for a photographer, contact Tanya Alexander with Platinum Pictures at

front of Save the Date

back of Save the Date

Another trend for Save the Dates are to turn them into refrigerator magnets so that every time your potential guests are in their kitchen...they are reminded of your special event.

If you are planning a destination wedding and need a "Save the Date" to send to your guests, contact Paper Perfection at

Seating Chart

I really like the latest trend of "Seating Charts" for weddings and events instead of escort cards. Seating Charts can look extremely elegant or fun depending on the frame and easel that are used and they don't take up a lot of space or require several tables and linens like escort cards do for larger events. Here is a sample seating chart that I put together for a client. It measures 36"x24" and will look wonderful in a beautiful frame with an elegant easel. What better way for guests to find their tables!

If you would like a seating chart for your next event contact Paper Perfection at

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Door Hanger #1 Christmas Style

Here is an example of the original door hanger that was posted in October, but in red and green to match the rest of the Christmas printables. This is a great door hanger for family trips or reunions to fun places like the Gaylord, Great Wolf Lodge or any place that you may be traveling. You could also use a door hanger for guests staying at your home as a fun welcome tag to hang on their door. My favorite use for these is for destination weddings or for wedding guests that have traveled from out of town.

If you would like a door hanger for your next event or family vacation, contact Paper Perfection at

Friday, December 17, 2010

Door Hanger #2

I posted a plain door hanger and thought it would be fun to make a door hanger with a pouch so that you can leave a fun gift for your guests staying in hotels, on your child's door as a surprise, for a teacher's classroom door, your spouse's office door, a neighbor's door...the list of doors you can leave a little gift on is endless!

If you would like a door hanger with a pouch, contact Paper Perfection at

Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is another super cute DIY project that you can put together very inexpensively for your guests. Hotels used to provide lots of amenities like sewing kits but in our economy they have cut way back and no longer have lots of little "extras". If you are planning on having a a destination wedding, this is a great little favor to include in your welcome gift basket, as you never know when you are traveling that you may need to fix a button on a shirt or hem on a pair of pants. Paper Perfection can do lots of fun things with the sewing kit like put your monogram on it or something cute like "sew glad you are here!"

All you need to make these is card stock (to print your personalized template from Paper Perfection), a pair of scissors with a pinking edge, a couple of spools of thread in different colors, some needles, safety pins and a button (which is optional).

If you would like a sewing kit template for a destination wedding or for a fun party favor, contact Paper Perfection at

Playing Cards

A deck of playing cards is a great party favor for any type of event. Paper Perfection can design a deck for you using your name, your spouse's or your child's name and put instructions for your/their favorite game like Spoons (shown below), War, Old Maid, etc. on the back

If you would like a personalized box for a set of playing cards, contact Paper Perfection at

Bag Topper

Bag toppers are super simple to cut out and assemble and can really spruce up a candy treat. You can use them with Ziploc bags, on paper bags or my personal favorite is to use them with plastic jewelry bags that you can get at Walmart or craft stores like Hobby Lobby. Bag toppers are great for all types of events like birthday parties, weddings or classroom parties.
Here is a bag topper that I designed to go with the "Don't Eat Pete!" m&m game. I'm giving the game board away for free. All you have to do is post a comment with your email.

If you would like a bag topper for your next party or event, contact Paper Perfection at

Thursday, December 16, 2010

S'more Kit

I saw a similar kit online and just had to make my very own S'mores Kit for a fun christmas gift. This would also be a great party favor to pass out during your party if it is the right time of year and you have a grill or fire pit. If not, it is a great favor to send home with your guests.

If you would like a "S'mores Kit" for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at for the pricing for the personalized printables and instructions for how to make this kit.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't Eat Pete Game Board

I found this game online and fell in love with it since my little one loves M&Ms. The one that I found was blurry so I made a new one and I thought I would share it with you (my blog followers) as a Christmas gift. Leave a comment with your email address and I will send you a copy. Then all you need to do is print the game board, add a package of M&Ms, wrap it and voila...a fun Christmas gift for friends, family or a classroom party. I like to package mine in pencil bags with a cute gift tag.

Candy Bar Wrapper

Candy bars are a great party favor to give to your guests for any type of event...who doesn't love a little bit of chocolate. Here is a wrapper that Paper Perfection designed for the Christmas holidays.

If you would like a candy bar wrapper designed to match your next event, contact Paper Perfection at

French Fry Gift Box / Food Holder

French fry boxes make super cute gift holders. They are the perfect box for putting together a small collection of gifts, like a "bear necessities" kit for guests visiting from out of town or even a manicure gift set pictured below in the green french fry box. They are also great for giving a food gift, like chocolates, cookies, etc. You can place them in "crystal clear party bags" that you can find at Walmart, hobby stores or party shops.

These also make great holders for food at a party. You can place not only french fries in them, put they are perfect for holding an assortment of vegetables, chips, pretzels and other types of party foods.

If you would like a french fry holder designed to match your next party or event, contact Paper Perfection at

Pillow Box

This is another great little holder for your favorite type of candy or mints. It looks great at each place setting for a dinner party or in a large basket with a note so that guests can grab a pillow box favor as they leave your event. Like the candy tent, this is another great favor that can serve double duty by also being used as a place setting. You can add a tag with your guests name and place on a ribbon around the pillow box, or can add their name directly to the pillow box itself.

If you would like a pillow box favor for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at

Candy Tents

Candy tents are the perfect little favor for a party, event or wedding. They are great because they stand up on their own and they can also be used as a place card by adding a guest's name either on a tag or directly onto the candy tent. You can add a fun size bag of candy like M&M's or Skittles inside the tent, or any type of small candy or favor wrapped in a plastic bag. Candy tents can be used at your event or even in a welcome favor bag/basket.

These favor tents were made to match the damask wedding invitation suite that was posted on Paper Perfection in September. Here are three different styles, if you look closely, each flap is a different shape. Anything can be added to a candy tent to personalize it for your event, including a tag with "thank you", your monogram or the guests name like I did in the picture below.

If you would like a candy tent for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at

Friday, December 10, 2010

Miniature Tissue Holder Box

This is a miniature tissue holder box that fits the pocket size tissue pouch that you can buy at Walmart and drug stores. This is the perfect addition to a welcome bag/basket, or a "get well soon" gift for a friend with the sniffles.

If you would like a miniature tissue box or pocket personalized to match your next event, contact Paper Perfection at

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tissue Pocket Holder

This is a great holder that you can make for a welcome basket, as a gift for a friend during cold season with a jar of soup, or for a wedding to be used with "tears of joy". There are several cute sayings out there to go with tissue pocket holders or miniature tissue box (I will post this in the next post) for weddings including:

1. "For tears of joy"
2. "If weddings always make you cry, here is something to dry your eyes."
3. "In case your heart overflows and you have tears of love and joy.”

This pocket holds three of handy size pocket tissues that you can purchase at Walmart or any drug store.

If you would like personalized favors for your next event or for a fun gift, contact Paper Perfection at

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crystal Light On the Go Drink Mix Pouch

I just had to make one more item to go along with the "bottle theme" that I have had in the last two posts. This is a "Crystal Light On the Go Drink Mix Pouch." It matches the water bottle wrapper and is a perfect gift for a teacher, co-worker or in a "welcome basket" for guests staying at a hotel or in your home.

If you would like a Crystal Light On the Go Pouch or a fun party printable, contact Paper Perfection at

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wine / Water Bottle Tag

Since I had the water bottle wrapper, I just had to post a wine/water bottle tag. These are great for parties, events like destination weddings, or for guests that are staying in your home.

For destination events like weddings, family trips or reunions, you can make them in advance and they don't take up a lot of space in your luggage! When you get to your event location, you can pick up a case of water, wine or even champagne, place the tag over the top of the bottle and voila...a quick and thoughtful welcome gift for hotel rooms. If you have space and/or don't mind shipping things in advance, go to your local party store and buy plastic wine/champagne glasses to include with the bottle of wine or champagne. They are super light as they are plastic so they wouldn't cost a lot to ship. You can also purchase cases of bottled water online from Costco and have it shipped to your hotel so that it is waiting on you when you arrive.

These also make great toppers for bottle gifts for any type of party!

If you would like Paper Perfection to design a bottle tag for you, contact

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Water Bottle Wrapper

Water bottle wrappers are popular right now for parties and events. I especially think a water bottle with a personalized wrapper is a perfect addition to "welcome bags" for guests staying in hotels. It helps let them know that you appreciate them traveling to visit you for your special event.

If you would like a personalized water bottle label for your next party or event contact Paper Perfection at

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Magic Reindeer Food Gift Box

I love this idea for younger children! This would be the perfect gift for your child to take to an elementary school Christmas party, it would make a great favor for your Christmas parties or it would even make a great hostess gift paired with a bottle of wine or hot chocolate mix for Santa. To make reindeer food, all you have to do is mix uncooked oatmeal and white glitter. I packaged mine in a 3x4 inch jewelry bag that I found at Hobby Lobby.

This box is about the same size as a 24 pack of crayons and can be used for other gifts as well. You can fill it with Christmas candy, a small manicure gift set, or any type of small trinket you can find.

If you would like to make a Magic Reindeer Box for others for this holiday season or for your own family, Paper Perfection will email you the printable template for $5.00. Contact for the details on how to purchase and recieve a PDF.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ornament Gift Box

I love making gift boxes and holders for favors and gifts! If you visit Paper Perfection's blog throughout the rest of the month, I will try to post different styles of gifts, boxes and bags. I TRULY believe it makes the simplest gifts WOW people. It also shows how much time and effort went into the easiest of gifts. If you have a little bit of time, making holders for your gifts can be a lot of fun! People will be shocked when they find out you made the gift holder. All of the holders I will post throughout the month are perfect for Christmas gifts and party/wedding favors.

This box is designed for Christmas ornaments. If you or your child is making special ornaments for grandparents, family members, teachers or friends, this box will help make the ornament extra special! It is also a wonderful package for party favors. You can purchase inexpensive Christmas balls and use paint pens and/or glue and glitter to decorate the ornament by adding the date, fun designs or your monogram. Then make this box for the ornament and place a favor at each place setting for your guests to take home. Each year when they decorate their Christmas tree, they will remember your dinner party, wedding or event.

Paper Perfection will email you the template for this green and red box for $5 or if you would like different colors or patterns to match your party or event contact for pricing.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Helping Hand Gift Tag

Here is Paper Perfections first Christmas Gift Tag of the season! This was made for a client who is the Director for a Physical Therapy Department. She is giving all of her employees a fun travel size hand sanitizer with a clip that fits on belts or purses for Christmas and wanted a gift tag with a hand on it and the saying, "Here's a helping hand for the new year!"

If you need personalized gift tags this season, contact Paper Perfection at

Party Favor / Gift Bag Topper

Here is the latest employee motivational item that Paper Perfection made for Brownwood Regional Medical Center. This is a bag topper that you fold in half and place on top of lunch sacks, ziploc bags, or any type of bag. BRMC is planning on purchasing flavored popcorn like caramel and placing it in brown lunch sacks with the topper on top and giving out to employees that were "popular" with patients over the last month.

Bag toppers are great for placing on top of any type of bag with your favorite candy treat, snack or even small gift inside for the perfect party favor or motivational gift. If you would like a bag topper for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at