Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party Invitation and Party Printables

I love it when clients contact me to design custom party printables for them! One of my newest clients found the Amazing Race birthday party printables that I designed and contacted me to see if I could come up with an invitation and a few party printables for her daughter's upcoming birthday party scavenger hunt.  Below you will find my designs including the invitation, candy bar wrapper, water bottle label and two badges so she could split the group up into teams.  I thought it would be fun to start out the scavenger hunt "sleuthing" on the invite by reversing the words inside of the magnifying glass so that you have to hold the invite up to a mirror to read what it says.

Here are a few fun ideas for a scavenger hunt in a mall:

You must budget your money and be smart to stay within your $10 budget, use it all, and still get everything on the list. Please no running through the mall, use your manners and be polite in the stores and always say please and thank you!

1. First, get a bag from a store to keep your items in
2. pencil
3. have a store attendant put make-up on you (get a free make-over)
4. paper clip
5. cookie
6. lip stick or gloss
7. gumball
8. buy a one dollar gift card
9. get 2 perfume samples
10. job application
11. a business card
12. get a yogurt sample and eat it (keep the sample cup)
13. buy something at ____ or ___ and make sure to keep the receipt

You must spend all of your money without going over. Meet back at XYZ at 7:30 with your items. Good luck!

If you would like to host a scavenger hunt birthday party or need custom party printables designed for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at for details and pricing.

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  1. Thanks for the Sample Printables and appreciate your step by step guidance!