Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pink Bowling Party Invite and Printables!

In October of 2010, I posted Paper Perfection's red and black bowling party printables with just the pink bowling party invitation.  I have sold several pink bowling printable collections within the past month and thought it was time to post all of the pink printables since bowling makes for the perfect party as you don't have to clean the house, kids will have lots of fun bowling so you don't have to plan a lot of activities and it doesn't require a lot of decorations.  Although it is always fun to have balloons tied to a chair in the lanes where you are having the party!  Below are the printables I made for Kloe's 6th Birthday party.  If you would like pink (or red and black) bowling party printables for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at for pricing and details.

The collection includes:
  • invite
  • cupcake toppers/gift tags/stickers (pick two of the three styles)
  • cupcake wrapper
  • 4x3" stripe (larger) or 3x4" pink (smaller) bag topper (pick one of the two styles)
  • candy bar wrapper
  • water bottle wrapper
  • birthday banner (5" circles)
  • party ideas and game cards
*** the return address label and thank you cards are not included in the original collection but can be purchased in addition to the collection.

The items will be personalzed for you and sent in a pdf file ready to print with instructions for how to make each item.

I love it when clients send me pictures of how they use Paper Perfection's printables for their parties.  Kloe's mom did an amazing job assembling all of the printables for her party and was so gracious to share them with me and you.  Here are a few pictures from Kloe's birthday to give you an idea for how to use the printables. 

Here are two more pictures from Shayne's mom who also did an GREAT job with her party printables!

 photo ShaynesPics_zpsbf4a16bc.jpg

If you want a fun bowling game to play at your party, come up with a list of silly things to do each time a child bowls like bowl backwards, bowl granny style between your legs, bowl with the opposite hand, bowl standing on one foot, bowl sitting on the floor, etc.  Then print out the list and cut each thing they have to do into strips and place in a hat or bowl.  During the party have each child pick out a strip of paper with a fun way that they will have to bowl.   Be sure to have the camera ready, because the above bowling party ideas for bowling "styles" will certainly provide many photo opps.

There are more party ideas and party games included in a party idea sheet if you purchase the entire party collection.

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  1. Kloe had an awesome Party and she loved all of the stuff that you made for us! I will definitely be a repeat customer! :)