Friday, December 17, 2010

Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is another super cute DIY project that you can put together very inexpensively for your guests. Hotels used to provide lots of amenities like sewing kits but in our economy they have cut way back and no longer have lots of little "extras". If you are planning on having a a destination wedding, this is a great little favor to include in your welcome gift basket, as you never know when you are traveling that you may need to fix a button on a shirt or hem on a pair of pants. Paper Perfection can do lots of fun things with the sewing kit like put your monogram on it or something cute like "sew glad you are here!"

All you need to make these is card stock (to print your personalized template from Paper Perfection), a pair of scissors with a pinking edge, a couple of spools of thread in different colors, some needles, safety pins and a button (which is optional).

If you would like a sewing kit template for a destination wedding or for a fun party favor, contact Paper Perfection at

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