Tuesday, December 14, 2010

French Fry Gift Box / Food Holder

French fry boxes make super cute gift holders. They are the perfect box for putting together a small collection of gifts, like a "bear necessities" kit for guests visiting from out of town or even a manicure gift set pictured below in the green french fry box. They are also great for giving a food gift, like chocolates, cookies, etc. You can place them in "crystal clear party bags" that you can find at Walmart, hobby stores or party shops.

These also make great holders for food at a party. You can place not only french fries in them, put they are perfect for holding an assortment of vegetables, chips, pretzels and other types of party foods.

If you would like a french fry holder designed to match your next party or event, contact Paper Perfection at jtanddolly@yahoo.com

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