Sunday, February 19, 2012

American Idol Invitation

I love television shows and they make for great parties so I thought it would be fun to make an invitation for an American Idol birthday party.  If you would like the American Idol invite or matching party printables contact Paper Perfection at for pricing and details.

American Idol – Living Room Edition

Let your guests know about this game before the party so they can come prepared. You can put have this activity three different ways:
1. put on a talent show where guests can showcase any kind of talent they wish
2. keep it traditional and make it a true singing contest where each person picks their own song
3. make it a karaoke contest – where you pick the songs and the contestants don’t know until it’s their turn what they’ll be singing.

Here is what you will need to organize your show:
  • Designate 3 judges (might be a good job for parents or for those who don’t want to perform)
  • Hand out contestant numbers to keep it official!
  • Create a CD of American Idol songs that people can choose to sing, get a karaoke CD of American Idol songs or choose whatever songs you wish.  (you can even make copies of the CD and give as a party favor)
  • A karaoke machine, if using this approach for the show. These can be inexpensive to buy or rent.
  • A master list of songs so you can let people choose their songs
  • A microphone
  • Some rockstar outfits (feather boas, high heels, etc…)
  • A camera!
  • A stage where for your performers. Hang a sheet as a back drop. Decorate with a party banner and hanging stars.
  • Paper for the judges to keep score
Once everyone has their song to sing or talent to perform, let each performer have a turn. The 3 judges can score the players from 1 -10 (encourage judges to be positive and channel their inner Paula, not their inner Simon). The performer with the highest combined score wins! Let them have an encore performance if you wish, just like on American Idol. 

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