Monday, October 18, 2010

Zebra Print Party Printables

Zebra print is really popular right now for party printables, so I thought it would be fun to not only make some zebra printables but also use the pattern to show off lots of different things that can be made for your next party. All of these printables can be customized by changing out colors and/or patterns to fit your event or stationary. Party printables can be sent to you as a pdf so that you can print them yourself, or they can be printed and sent to you as a "party in a box".

If you would like some or all of these party printables for your next event, contact Paper Perfection at with the specific items you are interested in for pricing and details.


  1. Hi can I get this in zebra and aqua? Please email me at

  2. This is an older post so if you have questions about the printables please send Paper Perfection an email at