Sunday, October 24, 2010

Notes for Special Occasions - Guest Book

Other than giving daily hugs and kisses and telling those you love how special they are and how proud of them you is important to write it down once in a while. A written note is something that can be cherished for a lifetime and can be pulled out when you need a smile or need to know that you are special. I made these notes/pages for a little something fun to do at parties and weddings. They are great for creating a "Guest Book" or a fun keepsake gift by having each guest at your event share a special message by filling out a page at their leisure. The notes that are written will be cherished for a lifetime as they will capture your guests memories and heartfelt wishes on a special day!

These pages are 8x8 and fit perfectly in an 8x8 top loading scrapbook. They are a wonderful addition for weddings as it gives guests something to do while the bridal party is taking all of their pictures. How much fun will the couple have reading the notes left to them! I can't think of a better graduation gift for a young adult heading off to college. When they need a little "pick me up" they can open up their book and see how much they are loved! These also make a wonderful gift for a 50th Wedding Anniversary. You can send one of these pages out to all of the special people in a couple's life and have them bring them to the party or mail them back to you so that you can present the special book as a gift at the party.

You can pick and choose the borders and questions you would like to personalize these pages for the special event you are planning and person in your life! These can be printed on colored paper or the wording and lines can be changed to coordinate with the colors of your event. If you are interested in these designs, contact Paper Perfection for pricing at

You can click on each image to get a better view.

There are lots of different ways to have your guests fill out a page. Here are a few ideas:

1. You can have a dedicated table and book attendant. This table should be in a common area visible to guests, preferably near the entrance. The attendant should encourage guests to fill the pages out at their leisure and tell them where to return the completed pages.

2. Another manner to distribute the pages is by placing them at reception dinner tables. You can simply place one page at each setting or several pages in a group at the center of the table.

3. For a book with photos, there are two recommended times when it is best to take photos of your guests for their pages. While your guests are entering the reception area, take a photo of them as they arrive and hand a page to your guests to complete at their leisure.

4. Another method is to have a book attendant walk around to each table taking photos of your guests and handing them a page (with their photo attached if you are using Polaroids). In both instances, have markers placed at each table for your guests to complete the pages.

5. Another option is to have a "photo booth" set up with fun props so that your guests can take pictures of themselves with hats, umbrellas, mustaches, etc. Leave the pages on the table with the props and have a sign telling them how to work the photo booth and to fill out a page to match to the picture.

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