Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fancy Nancy Printables

I made a few new printables for a "Fancy Nancy" party and thought I would show off the latest items designed by Paper Perfection for a fancy soiree (that's fancy for party).  I think a Fancy Nancy party would be the most splediferous affair!  If I hosted a Fancy Nancy party I would have lots of great party favors like fun sunglasses, feather boas, Fancy Nancy books and pink and purple tutus with bows.  There are lots of great tutorials online for how to make your very own tutus out of tulle and you can find feather boas at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores and some dollar stores.  It would be lots of fun to use feather boas, tulle, Fancy Nancy books and bows to decorate the table and party room.

If you are planning a Fancy Nancy party or would like custom printables for your next party or event contact Paper Perfection at jtanddolly@yahoo.com for details and pricing.  These are just a few of the designs I can make for your party.  I can design a special bookplate for a Fancy Nancy party favor with the wording, "This tome (that's fancy for book) belongs to".

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