Tuesday, January 24, 2012

12 Months of Dates Starter Kit

I just had to show off the Christmas gift that I made for some of my family....a "12 Months of Dates Starter Kit".  The kit came with two expandable file folders, one for "Him", one for "Her" and a letter that said,

"Merry Christmas!  I’m so excited about giving you “12 Months of Dates” for Christmas!  I know how much fun we all used to have in our younger years on dates so I thought I would create a few fun dates for you as we are often too busy with our families and jobs to plan or even go on regular dates.  Now you don’t have an excuse!  I’m giving each of you a file folder box with 6 months of dates and the months that you are responsible for hosting your six dates.  I promise that you can find one day out of 30 that will work for a date each month, and plan six (of the 12) dates in a year with all of ideas and extras that are included in your folder."

The letter also included a list of rules for planning and going on the dates.  In each box were six dates to go on included a bowling date called Love on the Lane, a Dollar Menunaire Date (shown below in the picture on the right) and lots of other fun dates.  I included an invite with each date and other fun printables like gift tags and games to play.  I can't wait to hear how the dates turn out!

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