Friday, November 12, 2010

Harry Potter Party Printables

Here are a few fun printables if you are a Harry Potter fan and are planning on having a "Premiere Party" or a birthday party for the upcoming release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". It is illegal to profit from the sell of trademarked images so Paper Perfection designed these and other printables without Warner Brother images, but to match the theme and feel of a Harry Potter Wizardly Party from the Hogwarts train ticket/invitation, to the candy buffet/food labels and the pumpkin juice bottle wrapper.

A movie party is always lots of fun to plan as you don't have to worry with lots of decorations or games since you will be going to the theater to see the movie. You can send out the movie style ticket below as an invitation for your guests. Then have the guests assemble at your house for some pizza, cake and presents. You can decorate the table with colors matching your invitations, and add fun Harry Potter things like owls, candles, etc. Watch one of the Harry Potter movies to get inspiration for your table decorations as there are lots of great scenes with Harry and his friends as they enjoy some wizardly fun meals at Hogwarts. Before you leave to go to the movie, have the guests stop by a "candy buffet" so that they can pick and choose some treats to take with them to the movie's.

Click on either of these images to get a more close up view, then click the magnifying glass on the area you would like to enlarge. These printables can be customized by changing the blue color to match your party color preferences. Here are a few examples:

If you are interested in these or other printables for a Harry Potter Party, contact Paper Perfection at


  1. How much are you asking for these?

  2. The "blogspot" website does not have a good system for knowing that you have comments in old posts. So sorry that I just found this. If you are interested in pricing please ocntact me at