Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Rio Olympic Invitations / Party Printables

I love the Olympic Games and have made printables for the Great Britain and Sochi games so I couldn't resist coming up with some fun printables for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.  I will continue to update these as I create more printables.  Here are a few inviation options, banner flags and a water bottle.  If you are interested in these items or need some custom party printables contact Paper Perfection at for pricing and details.

 photo Invite 1 Blog_zpsccbhboid.jpg

Here is another option for an opening ceremony party.

 photo Invite 3 Blog_zpsrf1yeeg3.jpg

Here is a third option in support of the Team USA!  I used this design for a teacher appreciation week at my child's school.

 photo Olympic TA Blog_zps3sjgrtzc.jpg

Here is a final option if you are looking for a ticket style invitation.

 photo Invite Ticket Blog_zpsyc94kxro.jpg

Here are two options for Olympic banners.  One is three banner flags with the US flag, the Brazil flag and the an Olympic flag with the rings.  The second option is 33 world flags from the top competitors in the Olympics.

 photo Sample Rio Flags_zpsfiiwj16b.jpg>

 photo Sample Flags Blog_zps9abwoacn.jpg

Here is a water bottle label with images of Rio and an Olympic Team USA water bottle label.

 photo Water Bottle Blog_zpscatstaf0.jpg

 photo Water Bottle Label Team USA Blog_zpszsm1eiub.jpg

Here are two bag topper options for clear party favor bags that measure 4" across the top.

 photo Bag Topper Rio Blog_zpsu1royeuo.jpg

 photo Bag Topper Team USA Blog_zpsuabt2fzv.jpg

Here are three options for food labels.

 photo Food Label Samples Blog_zps98kw2odq.jpg

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