Saturday, December 7, 2013

Printable Airline Ticket and Travel Itinerary

I have a family member that is going to take her children to Ireland this summer and it is one of the big Christmas gifts that they will receive this year. She called me to come up with a fun way to give the trip to them as a gift. I suggested that she have a series of numbered gifts for each child with "hints" for what their gift is. She is going to wrap up a toy airplane, Irish t-shirts and other Irish items like shamrock jewelry for her daughter or an Irish cross, Irish coins/money, something with an Irish tartan plaid, etc. Then in the final box she is going to put a helium balloon with an envelope attached to it that will float out of the box. The envelope will include the printables I created including an itinerary, airline ticket and postcards for places that they will go. Here are pictures of the items I created...if you are giving a trip to a family member or someone special in your life and need some custom printable items contact Paper Perfection at for pricing and details.

 photo SampleImagesBlog_zps8ba09374.jpg

Here is another airline ticket that I created for a birthday trip to New York.

 photo BoardingPassBlog_zps778093f0.jpg


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