Friday, April 12, 2013

Bee and Baby Bear Gender Reveal / Baby Shower Invitation and Party Printables

Have you ever hosted a party with another person or group of ladies?  Well if you know that sometimes it can be difficult with all of the different ideas swirling around that each hostess wants.  This collection was created by just such an occasion.  Two sisters were hosting a "Gender Reveal" party and they each had their own idea of what the theme should be.  One wanted "Bees" and the other wanted a "Baby Bear" theme as the "mommy to be's" father called her "Baby Bear" when she was little and both of the expecting parents are graduates of Baylor University.  They were also planning on using a Build A Bear to announce if it is was going to be a girl or boy. The hostess with the bee theme went out and purchased plates (see top right image below) and other bee items so my good friend contacted me to see if there was any way to tie the two ideas together and match the plates that had already been purchased.  She was also hoping a bear could be created that looked similar to the Build A Bear they were going to use at the party for the big reveal.  Thank goodness for me that bears like it seemed like a nice way to blend the two ideas to create the collection below.  I'm also working on other items that match this collection like a water bottle wrapper and food labels but can make anything you might like to match if you are interested in this collection.

If you are ever stuck in a sticky situation like Paper Perfection at and I would be happy to discuss pricing and details so that I can help you create a custom collection for your event. 

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