Sunday, June 3, 2012

Teacher Gift

My son had a really GREAT preschool teacher this year and I wanted to make something special for her that my son could give her as an end of year gift.  I used a cute M&M poem and made a label for the top of the jar.  If you want to make a gift like this for your child's teacher, you can find the jar at Wal-Mart for under $5 and fill it with individual fun size M&M packets. 

The poem says:
Green is for the inspiration you give children each day
Blue is for your patience in showing JT the way
Orange is for your warmth and caring style
Red is for the way you make your students smile
Yellow is for the lives that you touch each year
You are a special teacher just like this jar, that's clear.

You place knowledge in your student’s hands
and melt their hearts and lives forever.
You are a “Magnificent” & “Marvelous” teacher.
Thank you for being JT’s M&M!

The label on the top of the jar says:
Mrs. Mason's Treats
(to share or not to share)

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