Friday, December 16, 2011

EF's World Wide Sales Meeting - Team Building Race

I recently worked with Education First and their Swiss office to design printables for their world wide sales meeting in Lucerne. They had 70 employees that gathered from all over the world to discuss strategy, sales goals and have a little bit of fun with team building.  They liked the Amazing Race items that I had designed but wanted custom printables using their logo and company colors. 

I worked with their team to first design a welcome gift.  We used messenger style bags with their logo and included a company pen, file folder (for notes during the meeting), Swiss army knife, a ski hat with the Swiss flag on it for their race, a golf shirt with their company logo, Swiss chocolate and a water bottle for their hotel room.  By the time it was all filled up...I was wanting to attend the meeting just to get the bag filled with goodies!  They wanted there to be a little bit of mystery for the meeting so they had me place the number 814 on several items to peak each employees curiosity as they arrived for the event and received their welcome gifts at their hotel.  What they would learn during the meeting is that 814 is their sales goal number for the next year.  Here is a picture of the bag and a couple of the items I designed.  I actually made a badge that would fit perfectly inside of the badge holder but they liked the smaller version so that they could include additional items in the pocket along and then attach it to a lanyard so that each person could wear their badge throughout the event and add additional items as needed.

Here are more images of the items that I designed including a Task Card for their Amazing Race style game that would take them to three cities, on a gondola ride, a sled ride, a torch walk down the mountain and so much more.  Their theme was called "Ascent" with the idea that they are climbing mountains and so much more.  I also designed a badge for 10 teams all in different colors with different mountain range names like Andes, Alps, Rockies, etc.  At the start of the race each team member was given a string backpack in the companies colors and with the logo so that they would be able to collect items at each stop during their race.  Some additional items that I helped design and the teams picked up along their route were water bottles, candy bar wrappers, gondola passes, train tickets, library cards and so much more!

I also worked with the EF team on a few other printables including a letterhead and daily agendas that would be given out each morning so everyone knew when and where they were supposed to be throughout the day.

I had so much fun working on this project and even got the opportunity to scout one of their race locations, Meiringen, Switzerland, which is famous for being the location of where Sherlock Holmes stayed right before his death.  I helped plan the lunch and race and the hotel owner and I both agreed that we want to participate in the race as it is going to be so much fun!  Hopefully the weather will be perfect for running around the different towns, sledding and the torch walk at the end of the day down the mountain.

They are already talking to me about next years event which will be in London, England. I'm trying to talk them into have an Olympics theme since the Olympics will be there next summer. I designed two logos for the event based on the first design which is the logo for the 2012 London Olympic Games. The letters for their logo are EF-IA which stands for Education First - International Academy. Hopefully you recognize the red, white and blue Brittish flag in the last logo.

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