Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Candy Buffet Labels

I love Disney brides and candy buffets and today I was able to combine the two loves when a Disney bride contacted me for help with her candy buffet labels. She is getting married at Disney and is using "Sleeping Beauty" as the theme of her wedding along with the colors blue and pink. I can't use Disney images as they are trademarked, but I was able to incorporate a castle that I designed from scratch and shield that I made in her candy buffet designs.

The candy jar label can either be placed on a jar using double sided tape or hung around the neck or belly of a jar using a satin ribbon. Julie is planning on having pink and blue chinese take out boxes available for her guests to fill up with "sweet treats" so I designed a round sticker image with the couples initials and wedding date along with a castle for the boxes. Finally, no candy buffet would be complete without a poem directing the guests to fill up a box or bag so I designed an image similar to what you find on the back of fairytale books for the poem.

Here are the images in different shades of pink and blue:

If you are planning on having a candy buffet at your wedding, party or event and would like custom labels to match your theme, contact Paper Perfection at

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  1. These custom labels are so cute! I love Disney princess as well and these are so darling. We love making candles at my house and my daughter has a Disney themed birthday coming up...these two things could add to candle favors! Love it!