Saturday, September 11, 2010

Neverland - Peter Pan Party

Since I posted my 4 year olds most recent party . . . I thought I would post his Neverland party that I threw last year when he turned three. Remembering that invitations are very important as they set the tone for the party and can help some guests to not miss the event, I made extra special invitations for the party.

I CAN NOT sell party printables with Disney images on them...but I can design party printables for you with images that I design or commercial images that I can buy to match your party theme if you like what I made for this party. You can use images you that find online for personal use only, and can not profit from the sell of the images.

Inside the wine bottle was pixie dust and a parchment scroll that said:

Come to where pirates plunder and fairies roam
A place that lost boys call home.
It’s Neverland where we'll jump and play
As we celebrate JT’s 3rd birthday.
All you need is faith and trust
And just a little pixie dust!
There will be plenty of cake to feed our faces,
Shadows to catch and Indian races.
Dress like your favorite character from Neverland
Be it Captain Hook or Peter Pan.
Otherwise, wear a nightgown or your fairy best,
Perhaps some pirates gear or an Indian headdress.
If you can make it please give us some warning
Then follow the second star to the right and straight on 'till morning.

Here is the table centerpiece that I designed for the party. On two of the sides, I put all of the wonderful things my son had done during his third year like our trip to Disney and the beach along with pictures, the third side was a "thank you poem for coming to the party" and the forth was the song lyrics to Neverland with a picture of my son in Neverland.

Here are all of the favors that I made. Yes I went a little overboard, but as one of my friends said "They were all so cute how could you choose." We had lots of games for the kids to play like "Pin the Tail on the Lost Boy", "Pirates Canon Ball Toss", "Walk the Plank", "Musical Stars", "Find the Treasure Chest" and "Feed Tick Tock (the crocodile) a Clock" and children got a treat at each stop:

Truffle Box

Sucker Holder

Candy Bar Wrapper

Candy Tent

Travel Games

Lacing Cards

Crayon Box

Music CD with my 3 year old's favorite songs from his 3rd year and a few from Peter Pan

Gift Tag for Girls

Remembering that the party is truly not over until you send out "thank you notes"... my twin sister took pictures of each child on a white backdrop so that I could put them in "Neverland" and send the picture with the thank you note.

She also took pictures of each of the girls holding their hands out after sprinkling them with pixie dust (glitter hairspray, body glitter spray and glitter makeup) and I inserted Tinkerbell for an extra special picture.

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