Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cars Birthday Party Printables

I recently hosted a "Cars" birthday party for my son's 4th birthday and it was so much fun! I made all of the party printables you will see including the save the date, invitation, racing ticket, road signs, centerpiece, water bottle wrappers, candy wrappers, buffet signs, favors, hamburger basket, cupcake toppers, french fry bag, birthday logos...just about everything you see made with paper I made from start to finish.

I can't sell party printables with Cars Disney images on them...but I can design party printables for you with images that I design or commercial images that I can buy if you like what I made for this party. You can use images that you find online for personal use only, and can not profit from the sell of the images.

I'm a firm believer that every occasion deserves the perfect invitation to help set the tone of the party or event. That way when your guests receive their invitation, there is no way they will want to miss the party! Knowing how much children love to get mail, I sent a "save the date" postcard from Lightning McQueen in Radiator Springs. I followed that up a week later with an invitation and ticket to the race track.

The day of the party, my sister and parents helped me set up all of the decorations and things that I had made for the party. I wanted to set up a race track outside and have all of the children bring their electric ride on vehicles, but since my son was born in August and we live in one wants to spend two hours outside in 100 degree weather. So we had the party in our church gym where there was lots of room for ride on toys and remote control cars and plenty of air conditioning.

I divided the gym in half with one long decorated table which gave our adult guests a place to sit and watch the kids go wild and everyone a place to enjoy ice cream and cupcakes. One side of the gym, I had ride on toys for the children and lots of street signs for them to weave in and out of. On the other side of the gym, I had an amazing remote control race track that my dad made out of PVC pipes and orange cones for the children to maneuver remote control cars around. The remote control cars were definitely one of the favorites of the party and the adults even enjoyed racing them.

Banners are super popular again for children's parties. I laminated mine so that it would travel well so the picture of the entire banner did not turn out as there was a glare on the laminating paper. Here is one of the really turned out cute!

Instead of taking the "Cars" theme so literally, I made "JT's Drive-In" signs for table centerpieces and had "JT's Fillin' Station and Ice Cream Shop" table set up for drinks and an ice cream buffet.

When the party guests arrived, we took pictures of the families and individual pictures of the children and passed out "Pit Passes" as nothing is better than getting to go to the "Pit" during a racing event.

The adults favorite thing at the party were the "hamburger" cupcakes and sugar cookie "french fries" that I made with the help of the great directions and pictures on Even though I am crafty and can design and make all kinds of party printables, I'm not the best at decorating cakes, but these cupcakes are so easy even the most uncrafty person can make them I promise!

I love cupcakes and tend to have them at parties as you can throw a little icing on them, pop a cute cupcake topper on them, wrapper around them, and you don't have to spend 20 minutes cutting and passing out cake. Plus they take 30 minutes at the most from start to finish to make and only cost a few dollars compared to a store bought cake that could cost anywhere from $20 to $100+ depending on the cake.

Bakerella had blank templates for the hamburger basket and french fry holder on her website. I added wording to the basket, made the logo for the french fry holder and designed the cupcake topper to help make them look even more realistic and to go with the "drive-in" theme at the table.

Voila...the finished product!!! They turned out great and that is coming from a person that once tried to make a castle cake with her twin and rushed the birthday song so we could cut the cake and no one would see how lopsided and horribly iced it was. Its hard to believe that isn't real hamburger and fries.

Every year on the centerpiece, I usually have a year in review write up about my son to let our friends and family know what he all he did over the past year. This year I thought it would be fun to make a "Racing Times" newspaper to put at the "Fillin' Station". I modeled it after a newspaper and printed information on the front and back. There were different sections for funny stories, cute sayings, favorites, year in review, a 3 year old's imagination, dislikes, what he learned, etc. This is the front of the newspaper with a picture of him driving a truck.

Along with creating and designing invitations...I LOVE to make party favors. Here are all of the things that I designed and made for our guests. There were travel games, a candy bar, life savers (they were my favorite thing to eat on road trips when I was little!), M&M's and crayons.

Since it was a "Cars" party, I made lots travel games and put them in a pencil bag as it can be thrown in the glove box or under a seat. I told my guests to get the candy out and leave them in their car so the next time they were traveling and their kids would say "I'm bored..." they would remember the travel games and pull them out. I had two different scavenger hunts, two sets of bingo cars (one specifically for vehicles), a lines and dot game, a license plate game, and "Tic-Tac-Tow Mater". Here is a picture of them with the gift tag I made, tucked neatly inside of the pencil bag.

Here are a few pictures of some of the other favors including a crayon box to be used with the travel games that I made and hid my son's name in different images, the candy bar wrapper and life savers wrapper.

Every year my sister comes and takes pictures for me at my son's birthday parties and we always try to set up a "photo opportunity" where she takes either individual pictures of the kids and/or families. This year, she took a picture of each family, which I added a "Cars" border to and I turned individual pictures of each child into "drivers licenses". This is what the drivers license looked like after I printed them, but I rounded the corners and laminated each to make it look like a real drivers license.

Thank you notes have turned into a lost art, but I love to send them and I hope to teach my little one how important they are. A personal note along with a picture is a nice gift for those that took the time to come to your party and a nice way to repay them for their gift. So when you are planning your own party...go the extra mile and make sure to send a thank you note once it is over.

I love to throw parties and make printables for all types of events from birthdays to weddings, luncheons and corporate events. If I can help you with your next event, contact me at


  1. You are so talented. WOW! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I am going to start promoting the cars birthday theme and see if one of my girls will bite :).

    Love it!

  2. Thanks! I love to throw birthday parties and I'm always gathering ideas for the next one.

  3. Hi, I tried emailing you to talk about doing my sons 2nd birthday with some of your items... Please let me know if you are available or willing to help!

  4. I can't sell items with the Cars images on them but can sell race car party printables.